Month: August 2014

Windshield Replacement Phoenix

Windshield replacement could be very costly if not done correctly. Windshields have to be carefully selected because they will entail safety.

This windshield replacement Phoenix company specializes in this kind of service. They make use of advanced technology that has already been insurance approved and highly respected in the industry.

The windshield that the auto glass replacement Phoenix service center provides can withstand the test of time, it has undergone several testing before it was released, resulting to unbeatable quality.

The main thing that makes them different from other replacement companies in Phoenix is that they only hire windshield installers that are expert in their craft. Each of the auto glass replacement installers have 3 years of experience or more and are able to safely install the windshield.


cracked windshieldWhen clients select the company, they will be given $150 cash or gifts give back for loyal customers. They will also provide a convenient schedule for clients, especially for those who are busy with their business meetings and personal life.

In order to make inquiries easier, there is an online customer service they can call. There is a live representative who will handle the situation. They will provide the quotes fast, according to the design and model needed. This means that within just several minutes, it is possible to get hold of valuable information when it comes to windshield replacement.

The company also has 16 years of experience. They have already served 500,000 customers – which means they know what clients need and how to provide it.

Windshield Replacement Process

Before going for direct replacements, they will first try to repair the damage on the windshield. If the damage is too much, that is the time it will be replaced by industry leading professionals.

Expect to receive exclusive glass products that are made from the highest and finest quality materials. The glass products are already certified and have passed the standards and approved by the Department of Transportation.

You can replace the windshield with an original piece. This means that it will still look as if no damage has occurred with the vehicle.

The cost of the work that will be carried out will depend on whether the windshield would have to be repaired or replaced entirely – and whether your specific vehicle insurance will already include the replacement.